The 2019 MWC Circuit Season is STARTING! New Lakes, NEW Opportunities! 

You can sign up and enter an event online by clicking the link below, by fax 580.765.2890 or by mail to 5998 N Pleasant View Road, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601.  Get registered and enjoy great walleye fishing while competing for tens of thousands in cash and prizes at world-class destinations. For full details of each event check the fact sheet listed under the SCHEDULE PAGE as they are posted or contact us at 580.765.9031 or Email us HERE

Teams may fish any (3) three events of their choice to earn points for the World Walleye Championship or any 4 events of choice to earn points for the Team of The Year Race. The Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s MWC is open to all two-person teams regardless of club or sponsor affiliation, however, all anglers must be members of The Walleye Federation or join at the time of registration. IF YOU WERE A TWF/MWC MEMBER IN THE PAST PLEASE USE THE SAME MEMBERSHIP NUMBER WHEN REGISTERING IN 2019. Payouts are based on the number of paid teams fishing each event.

MWC will payback MORE THAN 100% in cash and prizes each season!

(130.2% payback in cash and prizes in 2018) For more information check out our website, call 580.765.9031 or contact us via the website.