NEWS FLASH: Boaters and Anglers rave over the NEW Features and Improvements of HDS® 4.0 Software!

May 5th, 2011 – Long recognized as the “go to” electronics for tournament and other serious anglers for maximum competitiveness and success, the HDS multifunction displays are now adding even faster and more responsive performance, time saving features, better support and speed for both onboard mapping and high-detail mapping cards, and much more with the free 4.0 software update.

  • Performance Improvements:  The 4.0 software version brings many noticeable performance improvements to HDS users including faster boot time, improved key response, charting speed improvements for onboard and mapping card navigation, plus improved system stability and “freeze” prevention.
  • Ease-of-Use Improvements:
    Quick Access Keys: HDS-8 and -10 users can now program up to six of their favorite screens for faster menu navigation with HDS soft keys
    3 Panel Split Screen: HDS-5 & -7 owners can now display a 3 panel split screen previously only possible on the HDS-8 and -10 models
    Performance Optimization Wizard: Upon initial start or reset, HDS users will be asked a few questions to help optimize performance to their specific use
    Contour Line Toggle Control – Quick toggle option to hide Insight mapping contour lines if there are too many and interfering with map readability.
  • Sonar Improvements:  HDS 4.0 software provides better sonar performance, including reduced trolling motor interference, improved noise rejection overall, and faster high-speed recovery
    Want to learn more?  For a complete list of improvements with screen examples, click theHDS 4.0 Full Software Improvements PDF.
  • Navionics Improvements:  Increased chart redraw speed and enhanced language support for object descriptions