LOWE® Announces Special Purchase Incentive Program for TWF Members

February 10, 2017 – LOWE® Equipment Attachments is announcing a special purchase program for members of The Walleye Federation (TWF).

LOWE® will offer TWF members a 25 percent discount off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on all its auger, trenching, and grapple products.  This special program will be in effect for the calendar year 2017 and is only available through Midwest Attachments, LLC.

The special offer does not include taxes or transportation costs from LOWE® to the destination.  A valid copy of the TWF membership card showing name, membership number, and current membership qualifies a member for this special offer.  There is no specified limit to the number of items a member may wish to purchase.  LOWE® reserves the right to verify any information provided.

Midwest Attachments is an internet-based company that promotes the sale of LOWE® attachments worldwide.  For more information regarding Midwest Attachments, please visit their website at https://midwestattachments.com/  or contact them at 1-715/254-1776.

LOWE® Equipment Attachments is an official sponsor of the Cabela’s Master’s Walleye Circuit and is a strong supporter of many organizations that support fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.  LOWE® is an independent, family owned business that produced its first auger attachment in 1971.  With the pride of being made in the USA, LOWE® products have an excellent reputation for Productive, Durable, Value®.

For more information on LOWE® Equipment Attachments, please visit our website at www.loweman.com or call 1-608/538-4000.